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Cap City Volleyball is a player driven indoor/outdoor volleyball club located in the Capital City/Raleigh, NC. We offer an affordable high-level volleyball experience for players ages 8-18 years old with training that will elevate your game!

For the 2022 club season tryouts for HS-aged athletes were pulled forward to August. It is apparent that the same will be done for the 2022/2023 club season. We make the following commitments to athletes who choose to play at Cap City Volleyball:

  • We commit to making every effort to avoid creating a direct conflict with the high school season, the ending of their prior club season, and their desire to attend summer college camps for the purposes of training and recruitment. Having tryouts prior to the high school season is not intended to signal the official “start” of the club season.
  • We have collaborated with numerous other clubs in our area to modify and adopt a new NC Fair Tryout Pledge.

  • With early tryouts there is little break for HS-aged club players leading volleyball to become a year-round sport. Our club season will begin in mid-late November this will allow appropriate break to help combat burn-out and escalating injury risk, etc.

  • We understand this is an investment in a competitive club experience, because of this we plan on bring the following experience:

    • talented coaching staff with tremendous capability and experience to ensure Cap City athletes receive a high-level overall training.

    • a competitive tournament schedule.

    • provide a range of positional competence with excellent coaching and playing experience.

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Shannon Pence


Jessica Furlough

Assistant Director